Bathroom Remodel

shower glass remodel

The first and most important a bathroom remodel benefits you by increasing your house’s value however; the size of the increase may depend on the size of the upgrade. If you are simply purchasing and installing a better bath tub, then the increase may be small but if you are increasing shower space as well as redoing the floors and walls you may see a significant increase in values. Getting rid of that 60′s sea green tile is a good thing!  Renovating your bathroom with stylish colors and fixtures not only improves the appearance of the bathroom, but also makes the rest of your home look better.

Safety: If you’ve experienced leaks or excess moisture in your bathroom, there’s probably mold.  Not good.  Not healthy.  It needs to be fixed immediately.  Efficiency: Leaky toilets, tubs, showers, and faucets are wasteful.  Updating and fixing extreme problems will often result in lower utility bills and even repair bills if those leaks impact other rooms in your house.  Repairing flooring and sheet rock can be very expensive if left untended for long.

A Bathroom Remodel can give you a pretty significant return on your investment.  Lower your bills and lower your ecological footprint by going energy efficient with a bathrom remodel.

Bathroom Remodel Photos